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Residential Buildings

What we do

How many doors do you want?

I show people how to buy and sell income producing properties and own them 100%.  I have done this for years with my team of resources. 
You can do it too!  I can show you how in just one strategy session.

Contact me.  

Investors and Realtors LOVE this passive system.

From small duplex, quadplex to larger 50+ doors, I can help!

I use this system myself and have developed it from my own lifestyle needs.

It is for early retirement (Realtors especially, and non-Realtors as well) using multifamily and other income producing properties in your portfolio.  Including Income properties such as AirBnB, Single-family, Senior Living, Student housing and more.

It opens up a new way of looking at income properties without the headaches of management, but with the benefits of easy T-12's and concierge tax documents.

This system offers a buffer between the owner and the tenant which gives the owner legal protection on top of passive income resources.


My twist is that I am not selling this as a class. (Yet)

I have done this basic  "How to"  for free for over 10 years...  Once people see the value, I just get a usual commission or referral fee as a licensed Realtor.  Investors and Realtors LOVE this passive system.


This system is a way to plan for retirement in a non-corporate way.

Most of us don't have a clear formula or plan.  I show my own bank/property documents in my presentations.

Then, if people recognize the value, they contact me to use my nationwide resources. Easy!  So, how many doors do you want?

My Story

I have been investing since 2013 and have participated in many income producing single-family, multifamily and commercial real estate projects nationwide. Yes, you can save for life events just as I have, such as children's college funds and my own retirement planning.  It's passive and YOU OWN IT 100%. 
It's like Valet real estate investing!

I have been able to share this system with many investors over the years and I find great joy in providing the deals and resources to make those properties successful for them.   Get in touch with me for a strategy session and get started now!  Take the first step, get a plan!  Then we will work the plan together.  Easy!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  I usually have off-market income producing properties available.

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